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What if your church had a strategy that worked 24 hours a day to get more New Visitors?

There is, and it’s FREE!

It can be challenging to put in the effort to GET FOUND online by NEW Visitors.

  • Your TIME is extremely limited.
  • Your BUDGET is extremely limited.
  • Your STAFF & VOLUNTEERS are extremely limited.
  • Your KNOWLEDGE about Online Findability is extremely limited.

The Finder Resource makes it EASIER for your church to GET FOUND.

Yes there will be time and effort involved on your part.

But what if there was a resource that could walk a Pastor, Church Staff member or even a Volunteer through the steps to make your Church more FINDABLE online?

What many Church Leaders do NOT know is that there are simple things they can do that can INCREASE the online visibility and findability of their Church.

Some of these ideas you only have to put in place ONCE and they pay off for years.

This resource would need to be easy to follow and understand, and lead you through a step by step journey toward making that happen for YOUR Church.

Nearly everything in this resource CAN be done for FREE, but there are paid options you can take advantage of that can get this work done FOR YOUR CHURCH if doing it on your own not an option for your staff or volunteers.

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What will you LEARN inside The Finder Resource Membership?

  • The EASIEST Steps you can take that will make the MOST DIFFERENCE in the ability of your Church to be FOUND Online.
  • How to find out EXACTLY where your Church currently IS and IS NOT being found online and what to do about it.
  • How to make it EASY for NEW Guests to find you on both Google and find your Church and Driving Directions EASILY on their mobile devices.
  • How to make it a CHALLENGE for people to live in your Community without FINDING your Church.
  • How to make your Church Website more Guest and User-Friendly.
  • What to do if your Church needs a NEW Website.
  • How to potentially get up to $10,000 EACH MONTH in Google Ads for FREE for your Church.
  • What Google is looking for from your Church and HOW to give it to Google.
  • Steps you NEED to take BEFORE you start making changes.
  • A SIMPLE PLAN to get rid of incorrect and outdated information about your Church that IS online now and leading potential NEW Guests away from your Church.
  • How to get access to a resource that helps you ORGANIZE your Online Findability efforts in one easy to manage location.
  • Ideas to CAPTURE contact information from people who visit your website, but not your Church so you can communicate with them about upcoming events.
  • Where to get high quality Graphics, Video, Voiceovers, Print Design and much more for only $5.
  • Where to get printed vinyl banners for under $2 a square foot.
  • How to setup your Social Media, and Ideas to engage use it to empower your Church Members for online outreach.
  • How to get your Church on 50 or so websites that can BOOST your Church Google ranking.
  • How to get your Local News and Newspaper Media to include you in their publications and programs for FREE while other Churches and Businesses are paying for Ads.
  • Ideas to help people FIND YOUR CHURCH when they search for ANYTHING IMPORTANT in your Community.

What are Church and Ministry Leaders saying about The Finder Resource Membership?

Chad McCaslin - The Finder Resource Testimonial

“Is your church hiding online? Being in the top results of online searches has helped our church grow! Here’s a great step by step guide to grow your church by getting it into the top results of online searches.”

Chad McCaslin – Family Pastor
City Church – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jayson Evans - The Finder Resource Testimonial

“I love the simple layout and instructional approach. I think it makes it easy for anyone to get started without feeling overwhelmed. The tips and resources alone are worth the investment.”

Jayson Evans – Media Director
Oklahoma District Council of The Assemblies of God

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We want you to ACT on this information and INCREASE the online reach of your church.

But, you are a Pastor, Ministry Leader or Volunteer right?  You are extremely busy, and may not have the time to go through the entire resource right away.

To help you access the content over time, you will receive an email series that gives a brief overview of every step and links back to the site for each step.

What are you waiting for?  Your Membership is FREE!

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