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Potential new Visitors and Guests are searching for you online, but does your Church Marketing Strategy make you easily FOUND?  Many times Pastors and Church Leaders may not even be aware of potential gaps in the online visibility of their Church.

Finding Your Church can help put you on the map.

Church Marketing with Finding Your Church

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Church Twitter Tips

Tips for getting the most our of your Church Twitter account Add Links to your Tweets You can include links in your Tweets to your church website, articles, pictures and videos. Even though [...]

How To Setup your Church Twitter Account

How To Setup your Church Twitter Account Twitter is a great way to communicate with your congregation and community through short messages. The current message length limit for Tweets your church [...]

How To Create a Church Facebook Page

How To Create a Church Facebook Page It is imperative to have your church listed on the proper websites to gain as much visibility as possible. One of the best ways to add to your church’s [...]

Claim and Verify your Church Google Page

Claim and Verify your Church Google Page The process of claiming and verifying your church Google Business Page is very simple. Follow these easy steps to setup your listing on Google.  Also, [...]

Social Media for Churches

Social Media for Churches The most popular Social Media platforms for most churches are typically Facebook and Twitter. Depending on the goals of your church and who you are attempting to reach, [...]

Why is Local Church SEO so Important?

Why is Local Church SEO so Important? I recently interviewed the Senior Pastor of one of the 100 fastest growing churches in America. I asked him “What is the #1 way people say that they [...]

Church Marketing Success

Church Marketing Success Many people do not like the term Church Marketing. To some it sounds gimmicky and like an attempt to bring a business tactic into the Church world. But in reality, Church [...]

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Retarget your church website visitors with Ads just like Amazon!  Watch the video below to learn more and get started.

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