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Video Tutorial: How To Start A Church Blog

We recommend the “PLUS” Option as explained in the video.

Learning how to start a Church Blog with WordPress can seem challenging. I DO NOT recommend setting your blog up with the cheap freebie site as you will not be able to connect it to your actual website in the future.

What you want to do is create a custom WordPress install and setup your church blog on website hosting. Whether you use your current website hosting, or the one that I recommend in the video, this is the best way to setup a professional church blog or website.

Plus, if you are thinking that you may want to change your current website from your current system to WordPress, creating this blog will get the first step out of the way towards that. You can actually convert your simple blog website into your actual church website later when you want to hire someone to create the design.

So, what are you waiting for? The website hosting company that I recommend has made it EXTREMELY SIMPLE to install WordPress, and I show you what to do to change designs and post content once you you have it installed. They also have excellent 24/7 Chat Support for help that I show you how to access in the video too.

PLUS – I will install WordPress FOR you if you use my recommended website hosting link as mentioned in the video. At NO additional cost to you, I receive a small commission for every sale of website hosting. This allows me to offer this service to you at no cost if you need help.

If you want me to install it for FREE, watch the video and click the graphic website hosting link below. Then email me at so I can verify the purchase and install WordPress for you.

We recommend the “PLUS” Option as explained in the video.

How To Start A Church Blog with WordPress

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