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Is Your Online Church Planting Strategy Getting NEW Visitors?

One of the most frustrating aspects of Church Planting is finding, keeping and promoting a location.

Most Church Plants start in a School, Movie Theater or Business such as a coffee shop or hotel. Many have to change locations multiple times before landing in a more permanent spot.

This means that it can be a huge challenge promoting the Church online. Some of the tools and resources available to a Church that has complete control of their address do not seem to be as easily available to Church Plants meeting inside of existing schools or businesses.

This is extremely limiting for your online promotion of your Church Plant, and can greatly limit the number of NEW Visitors coming through the doors of your Church. Why? They cannot easily FIND your Church online.

Online Church Planting Strategy

The reason online Church Planting strategy tools seem limited is simple.

Google and other Local Business Directories do not want organizations duplicating claims for Google Business Pages and directory listings at the exact same address. Google wants each Church or Business to have their own individual address where Google can send Church Visitors or Customers.

The other reason for this is that one business may attempt to claim multiple pages for different business categories at the same location since they sell multiple types of things. Google and the other business listing directories just want you to claim ONE organization per address.

The problem this presents for your online Church Planting strategy is that most likely the Business or School where you are meeting has already claimed that location. Even if they have not, they would not be very happy with your Church claiming it out from under them.

So how does your Church Plant still utilize these important Google Business Pages and Local Business Directories as a part of your online Church Planting strategy?

The FREE Finding Your Church 16 page pdf Guide shows you potential solution to this problem. It may not work for everyone depending on the people you are working with at your meeting location or the Post Office in your City, but we believe this CAN work in most Church Planting locations and situations.

Click the link or graphic below to access your FREE Guide.

LINK >> Church Planting Secret Strategy Guide for Claiming & Optimizing Google Business Pages and Local Business Directories

Online Church Planting Strategy

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