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Option #1:

RoadMap Membership Level

The RoadMap Level includes ALL of the content in the Free Level that shows you WHAT you can do to improve your Church Online Visibility.

It ALSO includes EXPANDED SECTIONS explaining exactly HOW to put the tips and ideas in place for your Church.

  • Expanded Section #1 – Google Business Page & Local Business Directories – You will learn HOW to claim and optimize your Church Google Business page and around 50 or so additional Local Business Directories. This helps Google know your Church is OPEN and gives Google confidence to send NEW Visitors to your site, and also INCREASE your RANKING in local church related search terms.
  • Expanded Section #2 – How To Setup & Maximize your Social Media Presence – Learn exactly HOW to setup your Social Media Accounts, Strategy for which ones to use, HOW to Maximize your Social Media Profiles, and IDEAS for Content that you can post.
  • Expanded Section #3 – Tips for Improving your Church Website Online Visibility & Useability – Learn HOW to use simple strategies to make your Church Website more easily found online by potential NEW Visitors and Guest. We also cover some tips for making your site more useable for Visitors and your current Attenders once they do find your site.
  • Expanded Section #4 – Tips for HOW to Engage with Local Media – Learn tips and strategies for HOW to get into your Local News publications for FREE. It is easier than you might think.
  • COMING SOON: Expanded Section #5 – Church Podcasting – Learn HOW to setup an iTunes and Stitcher Podcast using WordPress and Podcasting Plugins PLUS Ideas about HOW you can use podcasting for MORE than just sermons to connect with your congregation.

What does the RoadMap Level Cost?

If you were to hire a professional to take care of these issues for you, it would cost thousands of dollars. But why not try to do it yourself? You CAN if you have the right information.

The Finder Resource is your Step by Step Guide that you can put in the hands of a Staff member or Volunteer to improve the online reach and visibility of your church on your own.

$25 per Month

To put all of the information in the membership in place for your church it will take a lot of time, but it is absolutely worth the time to improve your church online visibility for potential New Visitors.

Do you feel like you have the time and resources to get this done quickly in a few months? This option is for you. AND you can cancel at any time.

YEARLY Option:
$195 per Year [SAVE $105]

This option gives you the same FULL Access to the entire Finder Resource Membership, but you will SAVE $105 per YEAR.

This will allow you to take your time and put one step at a time in place at your own pace.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you do not feel your church will benefit from the information inside The Finder Resource simply email and request a FULL REFUND within 30 Days – No Questions Asked.

We only want you in the paid membership if it will benefit your church.

What are Church and Ministry Leaders saying about The Finder Resource Membership?

Chad McCaslin - The Finder Resource Testimonial

“Is your church hiding online? Being in the top results of online searches has helped our church grow! Here’s a great step by step guide to grow your church by getting it into the top results of online searches.”

Chad McCaslin – Family Pastor
City Church – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jayson Evans - The Finder Resource Testimonial

“I love the simple layout and instructional approach. I think it makes it easy for anyone to get started without feeling overwhelmed. The tips and resources alone are worth the investment.”

Jayson Evans – Media Director
Oklahoma District Council of The Assemblies of God

Option #2:

Free Findability Basics Level

It is Free, but still extremely valuable.

• You will get tools and information to help you increase your local online visibility in your community.

• You will learn The Basics of how to make your Church more visible online and findable by potential NEW Visitors and Guests.

• You will have access to resources that can help get some of the steps done FOR you if you do not want to do them on your own.

The Free Level is valuable in that it shows you WHAT you can do to improve your Church online visibility.

The Free Level does NOT Include Expanded Sections or Media

The Expanded Sections in the RoadMap & GPS Membership Levels walk you through exactly HOW to complete the steps in the free level.

The free level also does NOT include the VIDEO and AUDIO versions making the steps easier to complete that will be available in the GPS Level.

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