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Google Business Page, Google Maps & Local Business Directories

The goal of every church should be to become more findable by potential NEW Guests with the goal of getting them to actually VISIT the Church.

But where do you start?

Most churches would start improving their online reach with their website or social media.

Those are key components of your church communication strategy, and should be developed, evaluated and updated regularly.

But there are many other ways that your Church can improve online that have little to do with your website and social media.

The reality is that most churches either only optimize a small part of this, or none at all.

One of the simplest ways to improve the online findability of your church is to Claim and Optimize your Google Business, Google Maps & other very important Local Business Directories.

What do you need to know about Claiming and Optimizing your Local Business Directories and Maps?

Claiming and Optimizing Google Business and these other Directories can result in improved Church Findability and potentially INCREASE the number of Guests who visit your church.

But there is something you should know.

Completing this process is very tedious, detailed and time-consuming.

There I said it.

It is not easy and will take effort. But, it WILL pay off for your church once you have completed this process.

What that means is this – If you are not the kind of person who enjoys this type of detailed work you will want to pass this project off to a Church Staff Member or Volunteer who does enjoy it.

Finding Your Church offers a paid option to Claim & Optimize these Directories FOR your Church.

In addition to learning the process and the staff or volunteer effort involved, the other resource this process will take is TIME.

It involves claiming and optimizing over 50 Local Business Directories. Each of them have their own system and way of doing things that you have to figure out in order to find, claim and optimize each of your listings.

That said, it IS possible for a detail oriented person to complete this process and add HUGE value to the ability of your church to see NEW Guests visit.

If, however, you have other priorities and projects but still want your Google Business and Local Business Directories working for your Church, you may want to consider allowing Finding Your Church to help you with this process.

Not only do we use a proprietary system that has connections to these sites to maximize and speed up the claiming and optimizing process, we can do it much faster and more complete than the average Church Staff Member or Volunteer.

You would also receive 6 months of updates to see your progress, and a list of all of your claimed sites WITH the login information.

All of the listings and login information would be yours to keep so you could make future changes on your own.

If you DO want to complete this step yourself, continue on with this section.

If you want to have Finding Your Church do this step FOR you, choose a Package Option below.

If you have still not requested your FREE Church Findability Scan
you will find that link below the pricing options.

  • Option 1:
    Google Business Page and Maps Optimization
    • Claim and Optimize THE Most Important Directory for your Church - Google Business

    • Claim and Optimize your Google Business Page and Google Maps
    • This will include posting and optimization of content YOU provide including Church Contact Information, Description, Logo, Pictures and YouTube Video Link
    • Receive access to your Username and Password to your account so you can make future edits and changes.
    • PLUS you will receive 30 DAYS FREE of The Finder Resource Membership step by step courses that help your church get found online. No strings attached.

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  • Free Local Business Directory Scan Example
  • Free Local Business Directory Scan Example
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