How To Setup the Premium Podcasting Plugin

Series Engine - Best Sermon Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

The Series Engine Premium Podcasting Plugin has many more features than the free Blubrry Podcast Plugin.

In addition to the ability to feed your Sermons the the Podcast Directories, it also sets you up with an easy to use Sermon Podcast Player that you can place anywhere on your website. You can even group your sermons by Series, Speaker and Topic adding in keywords to every message making it easier for people to find the messages they most want to connect with.

You can also add code to nearly any part of your site that will add a Single Sermon, a Series or the entire Player. You have much more control of how and where you present your Podcast on your site with this Plugin.

Follow the steps below to install, configure and use Series Engine for your Podcast.

Step #1: Install and Activate the Plugin

After you purchase the Plugin you will receive a download link to download a .zip file. Download this file and put it in a location on your computer that you will be able to easily find.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and find the “Plugins” Section then click “Add New”.

Then click the “Upload Plugin” button and then the “Choose File” button to find and upload your plugin .zip files from your computer. Select the Series Engine Plugin .zip file and click the “Install Now” button.

After the files have finished uploading click “Activate Plugin”.

Add New Plugin to WordPress Installation

Upload Series Engine Podcasting Plugin

Choose Series Engine zip File

Install Now Series Engine Plugin

Activate Series Engine Plugin

Step #2: Add Initial Settings and a Sermon to the Podcast and Player

When you first install the plugin there will be a demonstration entry inside each of the sections that we are going to change. If you need to use these demonstrations to get a better idea of how you should setup each section you can click on the demonstration to see the settings. If not, simply delete the demonstration entries.

The first thing you will need to do when entering a new sermon is to setup the main Series Type, Individual Series Title and the Speaker. All of these settings are located in their individual sections inside the Series Engine tab in the left sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard.

Series Engine Types - Series - Speakers

Go to each of those three sections first to setup the Series Type [which will most likely be Main Series], the Series Title for the current Series that you are going to upload files for, and the Speaker who delivered the message.

The Series Type will in most cases by the Main Series, or whatever you want to name it, that would cover any Sermon Series that happens in a regular weekend Service. In addition, you can also create other Series Types such as for a midweek service, single one weekend sermons, guest sermons, youth sermons or whatever you need AND you can even create additional Podcasts to separate out those other Series Types if you want.

Series Engine - Edit Main Series

Each time you begin a new Series you will need to go to the “Edit Series” Section and add a new Series. In addition to the Series Title, you can add a description and a 492px at 72dpi graphic that will appear in the Sermon Player when people play that Series.

Series Engine - Create a New Series

Series Engine - Add New Series Info

Every time you have a new Speaker you will need to go to the “Edit Speakers” Section and add that new Speaker. That way when you go to add the new audio or video file link the current Series and Speaker options will already be in the settings for you.

Series Engine - Add a New Speaker

Now that you have completed the initial changes for the first Sermon and Series that you are going to upload, you will need to add your first Podcast file to the feed and player.

Click on “Series Engine” inside the Series Engine tab in the sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard to add your first sermon file. Click the “Add New” button, and then add in details about the sermon as well as the Podcast file link. This includes the Date, Series, Speaker, Description and you can even add Topics that people can search for to find that message. You can also add a sermon specific graphic if this sermon needs a graphic that is different than the rest of the Series. You can do that in the “Advanced Settings” link area at the top.

To get the link for the Podcast file, follow the instructions in the “Determine Where To Store Your Podcast Files” Section.

You can also add more details and even upload sermon notes and files to attach inside the Podcast player for people to access in the “Podcast Details” and “Attach Links/Downloads” Section linked at the top.

Repeat this process for every sermon you add to your Podcast and Player.

Series Engine - Add a New Message 1

Series Engine - Add a New Message 2

Series Engine - Additional Podcast Details

Series Engine - Additional Sermon Notes and Files

Step #3: Embed your Player on your Website

Most likely if you have chosen this option over the free Blubrry option you are wanting a Podcast Player somewhere on your website. This is very simple to do using the Series Engine Plugin.

Before you embed your player you will want to make sure you have completed the steps above and have added at least a couple of sermons. If you do not do that the player will not show up on your site even if you have added it to the page, widget or post correctly. So make sure your sermon files are in place first.

After that, it is very simple to add the player by going to the “Get Embed Code” Section under the Series Engine tab in the sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard. Copy and paste the shortcode into any page, post or even a sidebar widget. It should be responsive as well and resize to fit both desktop and mobile screen sizes.

Once you have multiple Series Types, Series, Speaker and Topics inserted into your player people will be able to find messages based on those factors too.

Series Engine - Embed the Podcast Player

Series Engine - Custom Embed Player

Step #4: Create your Podcast Feed

After completing these initial steps you should now be ready to generate the feed and information need to submit your Podcast to the Podcast Directories.

Your feed was already created when you setup the Podcast Plugin and can be found by clicking on the “Generate Podcasts” link in the Series Engine section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Before submitting your Podcast feed to a directory you need to click on the “Default Podcast” link and edit the information in that section to reflect how you want your Podcast details to appear in the directories. The information you add to this section including your Podcast Cover Art is what the directories including iTunes are going to pull from to display your Podcast.

One setting to be sure to update is the “How Many Messages?” setting. This will determine how many sermons show up in iTunes and the other directories that are available at one time for people to listen to or watch. When that number is maxed out the oldest message will be dropped out of the feed so the newest one can be added. You can choose how many sermons you want to include, but 100 is a good number to start with. This number does not affect how many are included on your site in your Podcast Player, but only the number that is pushed out to the Podcast feed.

You should now be ready to submit your Podcast feed to the directories. You can find step by step instructions for how to do that in the sidebar. To submit your feed to the Blubrry Podcast Directory CLICK HERE and add your feed in the “Add Your Podcast” area in the top right and follow the instructions.

Series Engine - Generate Podcast Feed

Series Engine - Edit Podcast 1

Series Engine - Edit Podcast 2

Series Engine - Edit Podcast 3

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