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How To Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram for Churches

One of the most frustrating church social media challenges has been working with Instagram

PROBLEM #1: This frustration primarily comes from the fact that there is not an easy way to update your Instagram account from a Desktop Computer.

That makes it a challenge when using volunteers too.

Do you trust someone to manage your church Instagram account from their phone potentially mixing their pictures with church pictures? You would also have to send them pictures that did not originate from their phone, and they would have to manage them from their device.

There are a few ways to get around this and post from an actual computer, but none of the solutions work very well. Plus Instagram has blocked them from working in the past so they are not very reliable either.

You can check out a few of these “solutions” at this link…
LINK >> Article – How To Upload Photos to Instagram from your Desktop Computer

PROBLEM #2: Up until now you could not manage multiple accounts on Instagram using their App. You could try to find an unofficial app and use one for personal and one for your church, but not using just one App.

That also made it difficult to hand off to volunteers as they had to log in and out of the Instagram App to switch back and forth between church and personal use. Not very user-friendly.

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It has now become easy to Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Instagram knows that Churches and Businesses use their App to connect with people and for marketing purposes. Because you have to use the App on a smart phone or app-enabled device, the people managing the business or church accounts most likely also have a personal Instagram account.

To make this process easier, they have now added the ability to switch back and forth between accounts INSIDE the native Instagram App without having to log out and log back in.

Most of the change for the Android and iPhone Apps should now be complete and functional on your mobile device. Check out the links below for more information.

LINK >> Instagram Announcement – Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram App
LINK >> Search Engine Journal Article – Instagram Confirms Multiple Account Switching

How To Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

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