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How fast is your Church Website? | Google Page Speed

The main question I ask on this blog is this. How findable is your church?

But there is an entire other side to that questions. If your church is findable and someone actually finds you what will they find? That is the reason that I post other information and resources related to church websites and even sermon illustration videos, motions loops and backgrounds and more to help once you are found.

Church Website Page Load Speed

One of the challenges of any website is optimizing it for speed. This is especially true if you have a volunteer creating a site with limited time to optimize. But, optimizing a site can be a huge challenge. There are so many details from optimizing images without losing quality to caching your web pages so that it does not have to reload each time that visitor returns to the site.

Not only is it a challenge to know what to do, but you can get into trouble really quickly messing with caching and code to clean up your site. I do not know all of the details about how to get it to where it should be. I can do some, but it is a very detailed process and should be left to someone who really knows what they are doing.

But, you can at least find out how fast your site is loading. You can find out for free and it is extremely simple.

Google Page Speed Online Tool

I was scrolling through my personal Twitter feed and found a tweet by @stumclaren. Stu and his team have developed the Wishlist WordPress Membership Website Plugin [my link] that helps internet marketers easily make money creating membership websites. I have used this plugin and it is the best there is for WordPress.

He shared a tool called Google Page Speed Online. This simple resources allows you to enter the web address of your church and within a few seconds view a report about what is right and what is wrong with the page speed of your website.

The awesome part about this is that you could use this tool to hire someone to fix some of the problems and increase the speed of your website loading time. This would give your website visitors a much better experience. You could find a website designer who works with your type of site or use your current designer to fix the problems shared in the report.

One word of caution though. Just because someone can create a website for you does not mean they know how to optimize it. Choose carefully.

The link to the Google page load tool is below. Check it out and see how fast your church website is viewable to visitors.

>> Google Page Speed Online Link

Google Page Speed Online | Church Findability

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