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Google Helps Your Church SEO…again

Google continues to create free tools that can help you get more out of your church website and your Church SEO {search engine optimization}. The awesome part is that not only do they create the initial free tools, but they also build on and improve them.

That is once again the case with Google Analytics

Set up a quick Google or Gmail account and you can be quickly up and running with free analytics for your website. It shows you a huge amount of information. You simply install {by install I mean copy and paste} a piece of code in the header section of your website, wait a day for it to collect data and login to see your stats. This is very easy to do with free WordPress software.

It tells you keywords that people used to find your site. What pages people visit and enter the site on. Whether visitors came to your site by directly entering it in the search bar or from Google search, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other referring sites.

They have just released a new tool in beta that could also help your Church SEO. It is called In-Page Analytics and overlays your stats showing percentages of where people click on your site as you browse through it. Very helpful.

I did check it out and could not get it to work correctly yet, but it is still in beta and will get better. The point is that they keep improving and it definitely will be helpful for you to see how people respond to your church website. Check out the video below to learn more about it.

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