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Get Your Online Visibility Church Assessment Report

One of the most valuable resources Pastors and Churches need for church growth is a consistent flow of NEW Visitors every weekend.

This is also one of the most challenging areas to change if you are currently in a church that has a LACK of new visitors and guests.

It can be frustrating when you CHALLENGE your congregation to invite their friends and CREATE special events and services to engage new people… but still you have very few new visitors.

People inviting people is still the best way to gain new visitors. If they do accept the invitation, they will already know someone and be connected. But many people do NOT invite their friends no matter how much effort you put into your events and services.

What if there was more that you could do.

What if there is a system you could put in place that worked for you 24 hours a day introducing new visitors to your Church?

What if there were SPECIFIC things you could do to improve the Online Presence of your Church that could HELP NEW VISITORS FIND YOU.

When you have these actions in place for your Church online, you should be able to expect a consistent flow of new visitors who are looking for a Church in your area.

Of course, the number of new guests will depend on the size of your local community and your ability to put the steps into place for your Church.

I have created a way for you to find out what is potentially missing from your online presence, and specific steps you can take to improve it.

Get Your Church Online Findability Assessment Report Now

We will analyze over 20 specific areas that can potentially be improved to help NEW Visitors find your Church.

Then we will also provide specific recommendations showing ACTION STEPS you can take to solve potential issues.

Some of these you can do yourself or with staff and volunteers, and some steps you may need help with. How you fix the issues is up to you.

What you will learn in your Church Assessment Report…

  • Has your Church Website been Blacklisted by Google or infected with malicious Malware or Spam?
  • Does your Church Name, Address & Phone Number match across Google, Bing, Yahoo and around 50 more local business directories? [Google wants to see this consistency to improve your website & listing search ranking.]
  • Is your Church Website mobile responsive and ready for Mobile devices?
  • Is your Church Website at risk of being Hacked?
  • Is the Content of your website optimized for your local area Church Google search terms?
  • Is the meta data of your Website Content optimized for your local area Church Google search terms?
  • Are your Social Media accounts connected properly to your website and optimized for potential New Visitors?

What will it cost to receive your Church Online Assessment Visibility Report?

There are 2 ways for you can receive the information in the report.

You can request a PDF only or add on a Video Report where I will show you the issues and explain them on video.

It will take a few hours for me to run the assessment for your Church and create the PDF and Video Report, which explains the cost involved.

Click on the Report Delivery Option below to pay with PayPal to begin the process. If you have questions, contact Jeremy Phillips via LinkedIn or at

$75 Option 1: PDF Document Report only
$95 Option 2: PDF Document Report & Video Report

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