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Funny Church Stories – Confessions of Anonymous Pastors

As Pastors, Church Staff and Ministry Leaders you have some of the greatest funny church stories.

Unfortunately, most of the time you CANNOT share these stories publicly. These stories include amazingly funny things that have happened in church services, at events, on trips, in youth ministry, kids ministry, weddings, and yes even memorial services.

Some of the FUNNIEST stories are about things that have happened at memorial services right? You know I am telling the truth. Every Pastor I know has an awkward or amazingly humorous funeral story.

But again, sadly, you as the Pastor or Church Leader have very few people you can share these stories with. Obviously, these stories are about real people who may have even been going through real situations at the time.

But man, it was funny when the Pastor spent half of the sermon calling the person who had passed by the wrong name right?

Well, I want to help you. I want to give you the opportunity to tell your stories – anonymously.

I have heard many Pastors who have said that when they get out of ministry they want to write a book about all of these humorous, crazy and awkward situations.

Of course, we all know that book writing day is far away for most of you at least at the moment. Why? Because you are still in the ministry and people may not appreciate it as much as you do.

Share your story and I will share your story FOR YOU Anonymously

Not only will it be anonymous, but I will also place it in a section of the free area of The Finder Resource membership site to further protect your identity.

This free members only area is designed completely for Pastors and Church Leaders so the likelihood of an average saint in your story stumbling on it is pretty low.

Even though my entire site is about helping your church GET FOUND, these funny church stories are something that we want to keep under wraps for people inside the free membership only to keep you anonymous and protect the identities of the innocent in the stories. Of course in some stories these people may not be so innocent.

Of course, if you want me to add your name to it I will be happy to. But either way, this will be an opportunity for you to share your crazy, funny or awkward story with other Pastors and Church Leaders.

Currently, I am in the process of gathering the first few stories. But once it gets started who knows? You may even find a great sermon illustration from another member.

It is simple to share your story.

Option 1: Write it out and email it to me, Jeremy Phillips, at

>> Be sure to change the names of everything and everyone involved that you do not want to identify including your name and the name of the church where it happened. The idea is to keep it anonymous but still be able to share your story.

>> Let me know if you want YOUR NAME added to the end or keep it ANONYMOUS.

Option 2: Record your audio story using something like the Rode recording app for the iPhone and email it to Jeremy Phillips at

You can easily record and email from this app. I will then digitally disguise your voice and add the media version to your funny church stories allowing you to tell it yourself.

Once your story has been submitted I will format and post it inside the password protected Finder Resource Free Membership. I will email you when your audio or text has been posted so you can check it out and share it with whoever you would like.

Other Pastors and Church Leaders NEED to hear your humorous stories. I NEED to hear your humorous and awkward church stories.

I cannot wait to hear from you. I am looking forward to it.

Jeremy Phillips

Funny Church Stories - The Finder Resource

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