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Your Church To Do List is nearly endless. Sunday keeps coming week after week with amazing regularity.

AND, now you have a problem. You NEED a new Church or Ministry Logo in 2 weeks.

Yes, you have procrastinated. Yes, you may even be competent enough in the graphic arts to have created this yourself IF you would have had time.

But you did NOT have the time.

Now you definitely do NOT have the time because in the next two weeks not only do you need a new LOGO, you are the one responsible for actually LAUNCHING the new Church or Ministry.

Plus you also have to keep up with your regular responsibilities during the launch.

This scenario is a fairly regular occurrence in the lives of most Pastors, Church Staff and especially time-crunched Volunteers.

And it is not limited to Ministry Logos. You may need a Video Promo, Voice-Over or graphics for a Print Postcard created for an Invitation Handout.

Whatever you find yourself needing, usually TIME and MONEY are tight when you try to complete the project.

What options do you have when you need something TECHNICAL done in your Church?

> Make the Lead Pastor do it.
We all know that Pastors are supposed to DO ALL THE WORK right? Not a great option. However, if you are a NEW Church Plant the Lead Pastor may be the only option.

> Make the Church Staff Members do it.
There are many times when a project needs to be completed by a Church Staff Member. But, sometimes Church Staff do not even have the time or skills to complete the technical online or graphics project that is needed.

If it is something that ONLY a Staff Members can do, you have NO Volunteers, or you are going to SAVE a ton of money then a Staff Member may be the only option.

> Make a Volunteer do it.
This is usually the BEST option as one of the main purposes of Pastors is to EQUIP people in the Church to actually DO the ministry of the Church.

But, just like in other areas of the Church, there may not be a Volunteer with the skills to do the job that is required.

This is especially true if it involves something like your Church Website or Logo that the entire Community will see and identify you by.

> Pay someone Local to do it.
They will probably do great work, but most likely VERY Expensive.

So what can you do? Turn to FIVERR!

Not only do you have a TIME problem, you also typically have MONEY restraints. It does not matter how much money your Church has, there are always limits.

Some of the cheapest Churches I know of are actually some of the biggest. They have to be frugal because they have so much going on in their Church. If they allowed every Ministry Department Leader to spend whatever they wanted, they would have no money.

This is especially true for Church Plants that are just starting out, or for individual ministries within a Church.

That is not to mention that we should be at least attempting to be great stewards of the resources of the Church.

Fiverr can be a great option to help solve both your BUDGET and your TIME issues on some projects.

What does FIVERR offer?

Fiverr has an extremely varied lineup of services because the people who do the work ON Fiverr do not work FOR Fiverr.

The services offered on Fiverr are called GIGS, and the people who will fulfill the work for you are called Sellers and are from all over the World.

These Sellers can pretty much offer any service they want on Fiverr as long as it is not illegal or inappropriate by Fiverr standards.

However, the MOST offered Services are focused around creating Logos, Graphics, Video, Animation, Websites and solving other technical issues that could really benefit your Church.

Here is a list of the MAIN CATEGORIES offered on the site.

  • Graphics & Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Gifts
  • Fun & Bizarre

Here is a list of Services offered within those categories that might help you as a Church.

>> Click on the links below to look at an example of Sellers [recommended by Fiverr] that you can use to complete projects for your Church.

How to Get Started on Fiverr

Sign Up for Fiverr - Wide Graphic

Setup your FREE Account

There is no charge to get an account on Fiverr and start ordering GIGS for your Church.

Click the Fiver Graphic above or CLICK HERE to go to the site, click JOIN in the top right corner, then create your account.

The Fiverr Front Page

The Fiverr Front Page

There are a few things that you will want to notice on the front page after you login to your new Fiverr account.

We will look at them based on the arrows in the graphic from left to right.

1 – Buy It Again: This shows at least one of the previous GIGS you have purchased so you can quickly order another one in the future.

2 – Post a Request: Use this button to REQUEST a GIG if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for on the site.

3 – Your Dashboard: This area includes links to the Community [blogs and training], your actual Dashboard with detailed information about your orders, Notifications, Inbox for messages from Fiverr and Sellers, and your Fiverr Cart.

4 – Your Account and Profile: Need to change something about your Account, Billing Information or Profile Information? Do it here.

5 – Fiverr Search Area: It may be easier for you to find what you need by searching through all of the Categories that are listed across the top of the page. But, if you already know what you are looking for it might be easier to use this Search Area.

Your Fiverr Dashboard Area

The Fiverr Dashboard

The actual Fiverr Dashboard has everything you need to keep track of current and past orders as well as your account settings.

We will look at them from left to right using the arrows starting with the far left at the bottom.

1 – Invite Your Friends: This is your opportunity to Tell a Friend about Fiverr and Earn a Reward. Most likely this will come back to you in the form of discounts on future purchases, but will be of course whatever Fiverr chooses to reward you with at the time.

2 – Buying: This is where you manage your past Orders and Payments.

3 – Requests: Check to see if you have received any responses to GIG Requests you have made, or Post a Request using the link in this Tab.

4 – Contacts: You will find links to the Profiles of all Sellers you have used in the past so that you will have quick access to them if you need a similar GIG from that Seller in the future.

5 – Inbox: You will find your Inbox Messages from Fiverr as well as Buyers and Sellers here.

6 – Settings: Change your account, profile and billing settings here.

7 – TO-DOS: The largest area of your Dashboard will display your latest messages and tasks you need to complete. An example would be to Review a GIG that a Seller has completed for you and let them know you are satisfied with their work. Another example would be requesting that you Rate the Seller on Fiverr based on a GIG they have completed for you.

Tips for BUYING on Fiverr

Fiverr Gig Sales Page

> Realize the Sellers come from EVERYWHERE around the World.
Some people who only believe you should buy from people who work in the USA will have a problem with this. But it is a challenge to stay alive and not buy something from outside the USA.

Plus, there ARE plenty of Sellers who are from the United States if you only want to use them. However, you will find that there are people from all around the World doing great work.

In actuality, you may even be benefitting a person more with your $5 who is outside the US as the dollar may go much further. For them, it may be a lot more valuable than $5.

As a Church this really should not be an issue. One of our main purposes should be MISSIONS, which is kind of based on connecting with people across the globe right?

> Sellers are rated by Stars, a Positive Rating Percentage and more…
To make sure you have a great experience Fiverr has created a system similar to Ebay to help you decide on a Seller for your project.

This rating system includes…

  • How many STARS do they have? Stick with Sellers who have as close to a 5 Star rating as possible.
  • What is their Positive Rating Percentage? Stick with Sellers who have as close to 100% as possible.
  • How many Positive Reviews do they have? They may have a 100% rating, but only 2 Reviews. To be safe, you want to use people who have an extremely high percentage and a large number of Reviews.
  • How many GIGs have they completed? Again, they may have a great percentage and pleased only 2 people. You want to use Sellers who have completed a lot of projects and still have a high percentage and great reviews.

> Once you get into a Category, you can refine your Search in the Sidebar
Check out this video for an overview of how to narrow down your GIG Search –

Fiverr Category Search

> You can get upgrades to your Gig by ordering “Gig Extras” and receive better or faster work for an additional charge.

> Read the “About This Gig” Section on the GIG Sales Page COMPLETELY before ordering.
Reading this section completely will let you know if there are any specifics that you need to know or something you think is included but is not.

An example would be that you order a GIG for a Flyer Graphic. You find out later that the .PSD file was NOT included and all you received was the .JPG graphic file. The “About This Gig” Section most likely stated that it did not come with it, or that you had to pay extra to receive the .PSD file.

Look specifically for the Average Number of Days it takes the Seller to complete the project, and for How Many Revisions you are Allowed to ask the Seller to give you before you have to accept the project as is.

Most likely, if you are still not satisfied with the project after the number of allowed revisions, you can add on another GIG to receive more changes. But you will want to know that up front. If you have questions, always ask the Seller BEFORE you order the GIG.

> Watch Preview Videos and Look at Completed Projects
Most Fiverr GIGs have a few previews of the Sellers past work, and a video from the Seller so you can get to know them better. This is extremely helpful for you to decide if you can trust the Seller or not to handle your project.

> Read the Positive and Negative Reviews if you have a Question about the Quality or Reliability of the Seller’s work.

> Use the “Contact Me” button on the GIG Sales Page to ask the Seller specific Questions before ordering.

> There is a small fee added to EVERY Fiverr Gig.
You need to know that here is a processing fee that is added to every Fiverr Gig. This fee starts at .50 cents for $5 purchases and goes up from there. So when you order, expect that small fee to be added to all of your purchases.

> How is an Order Completed?
Once the Seller finishes the work on the order they mark it as “Delivered” and it should show up in your Inbox and Dashboard area for your Review.

After you Review the work, you can either click that you are satisfied and it has been “Completed” or you can “Request Modifications”. The number of modifications you can request for the price you paid will be based on that was outlined in the “About This Gig” Section on the GIG sales page.

After you are satisfied with the work provided by the Seller, you will need to mark the GIG as “Completed” in your Dashboard area.

> What do you do if you have a problem with an Order?
If there are issues with an order or if a dispute arises between a Buyer and a Seller they can use the “Resolution Center” tab to begin the process of resolving the issue.

The “Resolution Center” tab is located inside the area where you review that specific Order in your Dashboard.

> You can Cancel an Order, but there are guidelines you need to follow.
Also, most likely your payment will be refunded as a Fiverr credit for a future order and not back to your PayPal or credit card. These cancellation guidelines are outlined HERE.

> Still have more Questions?
The answers to nearly any Fiver Buyer or Seller related question can be found on the Fiverr Customer Support Site HERE.

Fiverr Apps and Social Media Links

Fiverr Apps and Social Media Links

The Fiverr Apple and Android App is an excellent way to do virtually any task on Fiverr on your mobile device that you would do on your desktop computer.

Fiverr Social Media links and the links to the Android and Apple Apps are located at the bottom of each page of the desktop version of the site, or you can find them for free in the App Stores.

It may be slightly easier to search on your desktop computer to find the exact GIG you want to purchase.

However, the Apps are extremely easy to use. Everything is there to completely manage your Fiverr experience on mobile.

Even if you choose to only use the Apps to keep up with the status of your orders, it is still worth the download.

You will also want to consider connecting to Fiverr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to keep up them on Social Media.

Do you want to become a SELLER on Fiverr?

Fiver Seller - Add A New Gig

One of the best things about working at or Volunteering at a Church is that you typically have a LOT of different skills.

You probably play at least one instrument, can speak in front of crowds, have had to be on video and at some point put together a bulletin and Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.

Another thing you probably ALL have in common is this… You could use MORE Money. Yes, you would be happy with additional INCOME.

Fiverr is an excellent way to potentially use your skills that you utilize every day to make extra money.

This is especially true if you are technical or great at graphics design and video. But when you look closely at the Fiverr website, especially in the Fun & Bizarre Section, you are pretty much only limited to your imagination and what people are willing to pay for as far as what you can offer.

The best part is that it is simple to get started. You can use the SAME ACCOUNT for both Buying and Selling.

Login to your Fiverr account and go to your Dashboard. Go to “Sellers” then click on “My Gigs”. Click “Add A New Gig” and get started making money on Fiverr.

Of course, it is that simple and it probably is not that simple. You could have a GIG up by the end of the day, but will it sell? And, how do you get your FIRST orders so that you can begin developing credibility in your profile, positive reviews and a 5 Star rating?

Thankfully, Fiverr has created a couple of EXCELLENT resources to help you become a successful Seller. In addition to the quality information, they also contain inspiring Fiverr success stories to motivate you to continue to improve and see other people’s results.

Go through The Fiverr Academy and search through The Fiverr Blog for Seller Tips and Training. The video link below about Selling on Fiverr will also be helpful.

>> Video – Start Selling on Fiverr

Video Link >>

>> The Fiverr Academy for Sellers

The Fiverr Academy

>> The Fiverr Blog for Sellers

The Fiverr Blog

Fiverr could change, but it is still a valuable resource.

There has been information recently promoted by Fiverr itself that they are moving to become more inclusive of professional freelancers. This means they are removing the $5 minimum GIG requirement, and Sellers will be able to put higher minimum prices on their GIGs.

Honestly, most professional freelancers do not have much of anything they would offer for just $5.

Up to this point, many freelancers who are professionals have been using Fiverr to offer a small Service in hopes of upselling Buyers to a more expensive Service. Some have even just been using the site to build up their Portfolio of completed projects for their own websites.

Even though Fiver is changing to allow for more expensive and more professional Services, you will still most likely be able to find what you need in the future for $5 or at least close. If not, they really need to change the name to something other than Fiverr.

At this point there are thousands of Sellers with most of them offering their GIGs starting at just $5.

So for now at least, check out and get great work done for your Church for only $5.

Fiverr for Your Church

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