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Facebook Landing Pages for Churches

While Facebook has become more complicated to use for churches in my opinion, it is still a huge part of what ministries are using to communicate to their members and community.

Facebook recently has made a lot of changes that I think make it more difficult for our message to break through the crowd and the clutter. Even before the changes it was a challenge. If someone had a lot of friends and was not online when you posted, it was and is highly likely that they will miss your post and it will fall into the abyss of lost Facebook messages. That is, unless you can train your people to go to your actual Facebook page for info. In that case why not just send them to your website?

Now, it is even more difficult as Facebook changes settings on accounts automatically when they update the site. One recent change was when they adjusted a setting so that you only see people you interact with most. That meant that if you had not interacted with someone recently, you rarely or maybe never saw them again. That was most likely your churches fan page unless you encourage a lot of interaction. You had to inform people directly to change that setting or they may never see your posts again.

Aside from those drawbacks, Facebook is still being used for church marketing. One strategy a lot of churches are going with including is to setup a Facebook landing page that looks more like an actual website. This gives you much more control over the content of what people see when they land there. This information you choose may come across better than a random post from a church member on your wall.

If you use WordPress, there is a premium WordPress theme called Facebook Page Theme that can help you set this up much easier than the backend Facebook method. Check it out especially if you used WordPress.

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