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Easy Setup for your Church WordPress Website

For your church to become effective in getting found you will need some sort of website landing page. Most churches have at least something online already.

This landing page can be as simple as your Google Places page, as social as your Facebook page, or as traditional as a basic online brochure type static website.

I think the best solution however is to use WordPress for your Church Website. Click the video tutorial link below for cheap tutorials showing you how to easily setup a WordPress website.

To use WordPress as your landing page you will need to purchase website hosting for your church. This provides a place online for you to upload your website files to.

This is not as complicated as it sounds especially since the website hosting company will install WordPress for you. It is free and simple. Then you can install a WordPress theme and begin entering the content for your new church website using the video training tutorials linked above.

Check out the videos below to see how to get started with your new church website or blog, then click the links below to get started with your new hosting, website and video tutorials.

FREE WordPress Video Tutorials

#1 – How To Use FREE WordPress Tutorials – Introduction

#2 – How To Install WordPress

#3 – How To Install A Theme In WordPress

#4 – How To Create A Page In WordPress

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