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Do You Tell Lies In Your Church Communication?

So you are sitting around in Staff Meeting talking about the next Upcoming Church Event. You have the task of communicating the information about this event to your church and community.

The event is NOT one of your largest events, but that should not matter. You want as many people there as possible right? So you begin to dream and strategize about how you could promote this event.

What should we do? How should we talk about it? What would the magic words be that would make people leave the comfort of their homes and take time out to not only attend, but as always BRING A FRIEND to this event?

But, of course, you have a problem. This problem comes up over and over again. You have never actually done this exact type of event before. So that means you basically have nothing to work with…

  • No Pictures
  • No Graphics
  • No Description
  • No Video
  • No real idea what this event will REALLY be like!

And since you may not even be in charge of this event you are relying on getting details out of the head of the event initiator. Good luck.

What if I do NOT have the information I need for Church Communication?

Church Communication Fail

The Impact Branding & Design blog had a simple article about “5 Of The Worst Types of Email Subject Lines You Should Never Use” [full article] when emailing your list of contacts. People emailing Church email lists would benefit from this quick look at subject line fails.

One of the types of email subject lines they mentioned was “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” example.

This is when you basically lie to get people to open the email. Some would call it over exaggeration. But in many cases it is just lying.

I will admit. Most of the time we could get by with saying it is not really lying because we really HAVE NO IDEA what this church event is really going to be like.

Church Communication Fail

LINK >> 5 Of The Worst Types of Email Subject Lines You Should Never Use

So in our Church Communication efforts we basically take things to extremes to communicate what we THINK or more accurately HOPE will happen at this event.

Hey, we are a church. We believe in miracles right? So we say things like “This event will be…”

  • The MOST AMAZING thing you have EVER seen
  • The BEST THING going on in town this Friday night! Hmmm… Father/Son Craft Night? or latest Epic Star Wars Movie launch? Even though you are a church, you do NOT ALWAYS have the best thing going on.
  • Attended by hundreds of your friends… [when we have no idea how many will be there]
  • Better than my Smokin’ Hott Wife’s cooking…

Those are mostly great things to say about an upcoming event, but the problem is the event rarely measures up to such huge hype.

If I am deciding about choosing to attend an event, I would rather have the details clearly communicated to me and leave the hype for the circus. This is especially true when you literally have NO IDEA what the event will be like as you have NEVER done it before.

There is nothing wrong with doing your very best to make something seem like it will be exciting. Just don’t lie or over exaggerate when you really do not know.

Most likely the result of this overexaggerated communication will not be excitement, but disappointment when people show up to something that does not live up to what you promised.

What if I DO have the information I need for Church Communication?

Hey, if you really do know that this event will be better than your Smokin’ Hott Wife’s cooking. Then say it with confidence.

If you really do have pictures and video and testimonials to back up those claims, then show me. Maybe you are an expert OVERdeliverer. Then by all means promise that it will be the BEST thing we have EVER seen.

But for those unknown situations, why not focus on just communicating information CLEARLY, realistically INSPIRING people to be there, then OVER DELIVER on what you promised.

The over delivering will be a great motivator for people to TRUST you when you say the next event will be great. Just a thought. What do you think?

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