Create a Church Website with WordPress

What will you learn in this FREE downloadable PDF Guide?

  • Where to find excellent Website Hosting for your Church
  • How to install WordPress on your Church Website Hosting
  • How to Setup Your Church WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Find and Install WordPress Plugins and Theme Designs
  • How to Setup your Front Page and Blog Section
  • How to Create and Edit Posts and Pages
  • How to Setup your Menu Navigation
  • How to Secure your WordPress Church Website from Hackers
  • How to Run regular WordPress Updates
  • Where to Find WordPress Video Tutorials and Training
  • More Resources to help your Church Get Found Online

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Would it help you if we created your entire Church WordPress Website for you?

If you follow the steps in “How To Create A {nearly} FREE Church Website” downloadable Guide, you should be able to install a WordPress Website for your Church.

But, it can still be a challenge if you do not have the time or technical skill to follow through and create the entire website.

Consider having install and develop your Church Website for you on the Jupiter Theme mentioned in the Themes Section of this Guide.

This website would be similar to what we built for Journey Church of Kansas City at, but would of course be YOUR Church content.  It WILL be ready for Mobile Devices too.

Journey Church Website Screenshot

What would your Church Website Project include?

  • Front Page Development: Includes graphics and links Sections within the website such as a “New Here” Section. A good plan for the front page is to include information or links to what you want a potential Visitor to find, and links to the main sections of your website that you mention on a regular basis in your Services such as Online Giving and your Sermon Podcast.
  • Internal Pages and Sections: We will create as many internal pages as required to cover the needs of your Church. These will need to fit within Sections such as “Ministries” or “Connect” to be easily organized within the Menu Navigation of the website. We will organize these individual pages into Menus and Submenus in the Navigation to make it easy for your website visitors to find what they need. You will want to minimize the number of main sections in your Navigation Menu to keep your website clean, simple and easy to use.
  • Theme Design using the Jupiter Theme: This is a highly flexible and mobile responsive WordPress Theme. We will use this design as a starting point to build the framework of your custom Church Website design.
  • FREE Access to our Jupiter Theme Tutorials [coming soon]: These video tutorials will help you become familiar with WordPress and how the Jupiter Theme design works so you can more easily add content and make changes to your Church Website when it is finished.
  • Email Account Setup: Our recommended Website Hosting offers web-based email connected to your Church domain name. This also includes basic Spam filtering. We will setup your Church Email accounts and forward them to personal email addresses like a Gmail address if needed. [This does not include transferring old emails from your old system.]We can also create an email address such as that people can email and receive and auto reply with all of your staff names and email addresses. This saves you from having to put your individual email addresses on the site, which can increase your email spam.
  • Email List Setup: We will setup your Church Email List using or This would not include any charges associated with these email list services. If you are already using an email list service that has an embeddable signup form, we can integrate that into your website too.
  • Create Multiple Admins and Site Users: We can setup multiple people to be able to add blog posts or content to the site with their own individual logins.
  • Blog Setup: We will setup your Blog Section so that you can easily add Stories, Videos, Testimonies and much more to your Website without having to change the main pages and content of your Church Website.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive Design for Phones and Tablets: Your Church Website will resize for nearly every type of desktop and mobile phone, tablet or device.
  • Drop-down Navigation Menus: We will organize your Church Website pages into Sections and drop-down Navigation Menus to make it easy for your site visitors to find what they need.
  • Custom Contact Page Form: We will setup a contact page with a custom email form.
  • Google Calendar integration: We will create an Events page using your Church Google Calendar so you can easily update your Church Events.
  • Ministry Photo Galleries: Add pictures to your Ministry Pages with Photo Galleries.
  • Up to 5 Free QR Codes: We will create QR Codes for you to use in your print pieces that link to your main website and up to 4 additional sections of your site such as Online Giving.
  • Page and Post Social Media Sharing functionality
  • Google Analytics Setup: We will setup analytics that will allow you to view information about your Church Website visitors and how they are interacting with your website.
  • Google Maps: We will embed a Google Map on your Contact Page so that people will easily be able to get driving directions to your Church.

What does your Website Project price NOT include?

  • Website Hosting and Domain Name: You will be required to use your recommended Website Hosting for the project. We will send you a link to purchase. You will receive a FREE Domain Name for one year when you sign up, but we can also use your existing domain name and switch it over to the new website when the website is ready to go live.
  • Logos or Pictures of your Church: You will be responsible to provide pictures of your Church if you would like those included in the design. We will create graphics as needed for the website, but if you want them customized with your Church pictures, you will need to provide high-quality photos for us to use in the design.
  • Content for the Website: Your Church will be responsible to provide all of the text and pictures for the Website Project. You will also ultimately decide on what pages will be created, and what content will be on those pages. We are happy to assist with this process, but all content will need to be organized and provided by someone from your Church.

What will your Custom Church Website Cost?

Initial Church Website Setup – $1750

This includes website setup as described above and 3 months of WordPress, Plugins and Jupiter Theme updates. This does NOT include website hosting or domain name costs. We will send you a link to purchase website hosting on your Church credit card.

Monthly Updates [optional] – $45 per month

You can choose to keep your new Church Website WordPress, Plugins and Theme Design updated yourself. However, if you do not want to worry about this aspect of your site, you can purchase this monthly service and allow us to do it for you.

For $45 per month we will run monthly WordPress, Plugins and Jupiter Theme Design updates and create a backup of your Website.

Sermon Podcast Setup – $500 / setup on the same or separate new WordPress install

Podcast setup will include…

  • Setting up your Podcast Section on your new Church Website
  • Submitting your Podcast to iTunes for Apple and Stitcher for Android
  • Creating Podcast graphic for iTunes
  • Bluebrry WordPress Plugin and Player Setup
  • Amazon S3 hosting setup

Please Note: You will be responsible for monthly Amazon S3 bandwidth charges and setting the account. This is typically very, very cheap for normal usage.
Training for how to add a new Sermon Podcast to the podcast feed.

You will provide the first edited Sermon Audio file so that we can submit the new podcast to the iTunes directory.

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