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Finding a quality option for Church Website Hosting is a key to the process of improving the findability of your church in your local community. Your website should be the hub of activity where all of your other online and offline church marketing efforts point back to. If it is having issues because of website hosting your entire system breaks down.

There are so many options for website and podcast hosting available that it can be difficult to find an option that fits what your church needs. I currently recommend Bluehost Website Hosting specifically for WordPress Church websites, but it is a great option for any website. My list of requirements for church website hosting, and my partner affiliate link to my recommended Bluehost hosting service is below.

What do we look for in a Church Website Hosting Service?

church website hosting - free domain name

FREE Domain Name

Many website hosting services give you a FREE Domain Name for creating a paid hosting account. A website address [domain name] is something you are going to need anyway, so you might as well get it for free for the first year.

The company is willing to give it to you for free because they know you will have to pay yearly to keep the name so they take the hit on the initial cost. There are cheaper places to host and maintain your domain names like www.DOMAIN.COM, but you will want to get the first year free when you sign up with a website host. After the first year you transfer the name to a place like

Unlimited Email Storage Space

One of the most frustrating things I have had to deal with using other web hosts was limits on storage space for email accounts. Even though most of our staff forwarded their accounts to their Gmail, we would regularly have to login in to our hosted email accounts connected to our domain names to delete email and free up space.

Bluehost gives you the option to choose UNLIMITED space for your church email accounts. This is a necessity if you do not want to have to mess with it on a regular basis.

Live 24/7 FREE Chat Support

One of the most critical aspects of hosting that I will NOT live without is 24/7 free online CHAT support. I absolutely despise having to email support and wait 24 hours before getting a response.

When you need help, you need help NOW. Bluehost is always available with CHAT support, and one of the best with helping you with your questions related to your website.

Options to Grow Your Website and Hosting Services

For most churches a shared hosting solution will probably work well. This setup means that you are sharing a server with many other websites spreading more limited resources across many accounts. This is still typically ok for small to medium size churches that will not get hit hard all at once.

However, what if you become a Mega Church? What if you cause a controversy and get linked on the Drudge Report and get hit with a ton of traffic all at once?

Or, more likely, what if you create an awesome outreach marketing campaign that gets a huge response from the community. In other words, what if you want to upgrade your account so something more.

Some website hosts do not offer many upgrade options. You need to be able to upgrade to something that is more dedicated to your church if your church begins using more resources. Bluehost can stay with you no matter how successful your website becomes.

church website hosting - free domain name

Solid Website Hosting Support for WordPress

I use WordPress for all of my website development, both for church and business websites. This is primarily because of how easy the backend interface is to use, and how many Premium WordPress Themes are available to use as a design starting point so you are not beginning from scratch.

It is imperative that the Church Website Hosting
[my link] that I use work exceptionally well with WordPress.

Not only does Bluehost support WordPress very well, it also has a One-Click Install option that can setup and install the software in your church website hosting account for you. That is very important especially if you do not know much about how to setup a website.

church website hosting free domain name

Here is a video that shows you how to get started building your church website [or any website] with WordPress and Bluehost.

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