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Your Church Website – Potential Visitor Repellent?

Church Tech Today has a great article about why your church website visitors are not making it to the next step of becoming visitors to your church. These people, of course, are also some of your best prospects for people actually physically visiting your church as well.

The Home Page of any website including churches is probably the most challenging page to create. Once that piece is in place, the interior pages are much simpler because they are typically devoted to specific purposes such as Contact and Events.

The Home Page is such a challenge because you are choosing not only what goes on it, but even more importantly what stays off your church website home page.

Check out this article using the link below for some expert guidance in creating a church website Home Page that will attract, not repel potential visitors and guests to your church.

>> LINK: 5 Reasons Your Church Website Might Be Keeping Visitors Away / Church Tech Today

Image is a screenshot from the article at Church Tech Today.

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