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Does Posting To Your Church Google Plus Page Help?

To be effective in Church Marketing you typically want to focus your efforts in places that real people will actually find and interact with your content. But what about your Church Google Plus Page?

Churches have a very limited number of volunteers and staff to create and post online content, so you have to be strategic about where you put your energy in this area.

Most of the time you will attempt to focus on strategies and channels that make the most impact by hopefully connecting with real people who may want to visit your Church.

But if all of your effort only goes into connecting with real people you may be missing a backdoor way to help your Church get found by real people on a site that may not be as popular with your target audience.

Google Business Pages and Google+ Pages

Claiming and Optimizing your Google Business page is absolutely critical for both Businesses and Churches if you want to get found locally online.

Even though your actual listing may or may not do that will in Google search, it is still one of the main measuring tools Google uses to determine whether or not your Church is open and that real people interact with your Church.

Google also looks at how consistent your Church Name, Address and Phone Number are across the Google Business page as well as many, many other local business directory listings like Yelp, online Yellow Pages and Bing Places to determine that a real person or company is actively managing your online presence.

When it sees this consistency AND that the profiles and listings are as complete as possible, it has even more confidence in your Church online.

But Google is more than one App or Product. When you have a Google account you also instantly have YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and many other Google Products available to you with that one login.

So, at least currently, when you Claim and Optimize your Google Business Page you are also completing your Google Maps Listing AND your Church Google+ Page.

> Your complete Google Business Page allows your Church to have the possibility of showing up at the top of the local listings in Google search when people search for Churches in your City.

> Your Google Maps Listing allows your Church to show up in the Google Maps Mobile App.

> Your Church Google Plus Page gives you a place to post content to similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Church Google Plus Page - Google+

Why is Posting Church Content to your Church Google Plus Page Important?

Most people you talk to will NOT say that your Church Google+ Page is their go to place for social media content. So what do most Churches do? They ignore it.

But when you ignore it not only do you ignore potential new Church Visitors finding you, you also are ignoring the Google itself.

What do you think Google wants to promote more? Your Facebook post or a Google+ post? Google is always interested in promoting itself, which is why YouTube videos do so well in local search. YouTube is owned by Google.

Recently I was having trouble getting a Google Business page to rank in local search terms so I accessed Google Business support chat for help.

They confirmed to me that my Google Business Page listing, Google Maps listing and the Church Google Plus Page was setup and optimized correctly for search terms that I was intending to become found for.

They just said that because the listing was so new it takes time for the algorithms to catch up and rank it.

BUT, they did suggest 2 Action Steps that can be taken to SPEED UP the process of Google more quickly increasing the ranking of your Google Maps and Google Business Page listings.

2 Actions Steps to Improve Your Church Google Business Page Ranking

#1 – Get more Positive Reviews on your Google Business Page.

Encourage your Staff, Volunteers and People in your Congregation to post a simple 5 Star Positive Review on your Google Business page.

You can make it easy for them by getting 250 FREE Positive Review Cards when you take action and Claim and Optimize your Local Business Directory Listings HERE.

#2 – Post Content to your connected Google+ Page.

When you go to your Google+ Page that has the content of your Business Page you will find a place to post content similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Google support chat suggested that posting content there regularly will help Google know the page is active giving Google more confidence to increase the page in local search rankings.

Google is also extremely interested in giving users a great content experience so it will naturally prefer a content rich Google+ Page versus one that looks abandoned and unused.

To make this process easier for you I would suggest setting up a free account that will allow you to schedule posts in advance to Facebook, Twitter AND your Google+ Page simultaneously with no extra effort on your part.

What is the Benefit of Posting Content to your Church Google Plus Page?

The best case scenario would be that taking the time to post content to your Google+ Page reaches actual people AND helps Google know you are active online and it raises your Church in local Google search.

But even if all it does it help your ranking in Google it is worth it.

Even if no person actually goes to your Google+ Page for information you are helping your page increase in the Google Maps App and Local Search Terms in regular Google Business local listing search.

That is worth the extra effort of connecting and posting your accounts through HootSuite, or even duplicating your efforts by double posting content to your Google+ Page.

Even if you are not going to do it consistently, at least post 10 or so content posts on your Google+ Page to let Google know you are still there.

Go and do something today to help your Church GET FOUND!

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