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Your Church Google Business Page needs HELP

Whether you know it or not… your Church Google Business Page is one of THE most important factors that you need to look at and fix to help your church get found online by potential New Visitors.

In this post I am going to let you know what you can do about fixing issues with your page on your own, and let you know how Finding Your Church can help you with this for just $25 if you do not want to deal with this yourself.

The #1 reason this is so important is that, unless your church is extremely new or you meet in a school or movie theater, Google has already created this page for you.

By the way, even if your church meets in a school or theater there IS a potential way to get a Google Business page. This can be a challenge since you do not have complete control of your address, but there is a way.

Google uses these local business pages to determine how much confidence it can have in a local business or church.

When your church contact and profile information is correct on the page and complete with pictures and a logo, Google has more confidence that your church is OPEN and being managed online by real people.

When Google has this confidence it is much more likely to raise your church website and Google page in local church-related search terms.

The only way to make this happen for your church is to get control of it by claiming and optimizing your listing.

Most Pastors are either not aware that a Google Business Page exists for their church, or they have not looked at it or thought about it in a very long time.

The problem with not paying attention to this page is that..

  • Most likely if your church has been around for any length of time at all a page does already exist.
  • Most likely there is INCORRECT INFO on the page from people who have added info in the past.
  • Most likely Google has changed the format of how Google Business pages look since you last viewed it. These changes can result in incomplete listings or listings that have had their profile images changed or removed.
  • Most likely, whether you know if or not, potentially unhappy people are leaving positive or negative reviews on your church Google page similar to people leave a restaurant review.

Your Church Google Business Page needs HELP

Your FIRST Solution to Fix your Church Google Business Page

Your first solution to fixing issues with your Google Business page is to claim and optimize it yourself. To claim and optimize your listing, you will go to Google Business and claim your address while using a church Gmail account.

You will have to verify that you own your location and your Google listing either by phone or postcard PIN number, then you should be able to fix errors and your information even before you get verified. However, your listing information will not appear updated on Google until verification is complete.

Once you have control and can change content, you will want to correct the wrong information and replace outdated logos and pictures.

Many of these pictures may have even been pulled in automatically from Google itself based on whatever it could find online about your church. That is why it is so important to check every aspect of your church Google Business page.

You will also want to do everything possible to focus your listing information and pictures on churches in your city. You will even want to name the file names of your pictures to have more opportunity to become found for those church-related search terms in your area.

Once your listing has been created you will want to post content and YouTube videos from your church on your page to encourage Google to crawl it giving you more potential of rising in local search.

There are issues that can come up when claiming your listings that you may have to deal with.

One issue is that someone who claimed your listing in the past may still have control of your listing. You will have to request for them to release control of it before you will be able to get access to change and correct your information.

Another issue is what I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

If you do not have complete control of your meeting location address because of meeting in a school or theater, you can have issues creating a Google page for your church.

A solution to this is to create a Suite # for your church. This creates a separate location within that address similar to buildings that have multiple businesses in them but are actually at the same address. This is simple to do as long as you have permission from the place where you are meeting.

An additional problem that can come up is if you no longer have access to the phone number or address [to receive the PIN postcard in the mail] that is connected to the existing listing information. If that is the case, you may struggle to verify your listing and receive a PIN number.

These are issues that are best discovered by jumping into the process and getting starting with the claiming and optimization process.

If you do not want to do it yourself however, I have a solution for you…

Your SECOND Solution to Fix your Church Google Page

I am currently offering to help you claim and optimize your church Google Business page for ONLY $25. Not only will you receive my help with your Google page, but you will also receive one month FREE of the full version of The Finder Resource.

This service is listed on my website at $75, but at least for a limited time I want to offer it to you here for only $25.

My main reasoning for offering this at such a low price is because…

#1 – I want to help churches. It is that simple. I know that fixing this ONE ISSUE is critical to helping churches get found online by new visitors.

#2 – I want you to also try out the full version of The Finder Resource Membership for FREE. Inside the members area I walk you step by step through a process that your staff or even volunteers can do to drastically increase the online visibility of your church.

This membership is $25 per month, but you will receive one month access completely FREE when you allow me to help your church Google Business page for that same price. You will not be charged after that free month unless you choose to join the membership.

So the question is this. Would you like me to help your church Google page?

The first step is easy.

Simply click on the PayPal link and pay the small $25 to get started. I will send you an email requesting the information I need to claim and optimize your church Google Business page and you will also begin your one month FREE Finder Resource Membership Access immediately.

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button below to pay the $25 and begin your 30 day free trial of The Finder Resource Membership.

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