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FYC Podcast 014: Cheap Royalty Free Church Photos, Graphics, Themes & Template Designs

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Whether you are in a creative or tech position on a Church Staff or the Lead Pastor, you are always in need of a great graphic or template for something.

Whether it is for a postcard design for an upcoming mailing or a template for your Sermon screen presentation, the creativity needs to keep coming.

The problem is we all have our go-to places for resources. These can get old and worn out very quickly, and people begin to notice the same thing over and over again in our print and presentations.

It is time for some new ideas.

Cheap Royalty Free Photos and much more for your Church with Creative Market

I completely realize that we all want to get free stuff. Creative does offer some free graphics and templates, but sometimes you do need to pay at least something to get access to more choices and excellent quality.

I first heard about this site from Brad Zimmerman creator of Church Media Design when he was on the Pro Church Tools Podcast. He is an excellent designer, Church conference speaker, and a promoter of resources for Churches with small budgets.

Creative Market uses designs from over 11,000 independent creators to bring you a huge selection of pieces that can be used on your website, in print and for virtually any other purpose in your Church.

Yes, most of the items do cost. But, you will get great quality and know you are safe and legal using it for your ministry.

What does Creative Market offer?

Cheap Royalty Free Church Photos - Creative Market

Here is a short list of the amazing free and cheap resources this site can offer your Church.

  • Photos in nearly any category
  • Graphics including icons, illustrations, objects, patterns, mockups, textures and web elements
  • Templates for brochures, business cards, emails, flyers, invitations, logos, presentations and websites
  • Themes for WordPress, HTML/CSS, Joomla and Drupal
  • Fonts in nearly any style
  • 3D elements

You can get these individually, or find where the creatives have put packages together to give you more value for your money.

Check out the link below to begin expanding your library of creative assets.


FREE Fiverr For Churches Book Download

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