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Best Sermon Plugin for WordPress

Have you created your Church Website using the free WordPress software, but are frustrated trying to find a quality Sermon Plugin for WordPress?

One of the challenges with using WordPress for your Church Website is that you have to piece your site together with the actual WordPress install, then your WordPress Theme, and then your WordPress Plugins.

This is really not that big of a deal. The way WordPress is setup actually makes it very helpful if you are planning on creating a website on your own. WordPress does make it as simple as possible for this type of manual website design and development.

If you are NOT wanting to create your Church Website on your own I would suggest you contact me for a custom quote at, or use a builder tool like the SHAREFAITH Complete Plan.

It is fairly simple to create a Church Website with WordPress if you have some basic knowledge of how websites and WordPress works.

One thing that has NOT been simple is finding a quality Sermon Plugin for WordPress that is reliable, functional, and looks great on any website.

Best Sermon Plugin for WordPress Normally all I would when setting up a Church Podcast on a WordPress website is to create a separate post for each sermon so the audio would feed into iTunes and Stitcher.

I still would rather have people subscribe to the Church Podcast in iTunes and Stitcher so that the content will come to them. But, some people really like the experience of listening or watching the sermon video on your website. You really need them to go to your website if you offer video, unless you are just going to push them to Vimeo or YouTube.

I believe I have found the WordPress Sermon Player Plugin option I am going to use from now on.

This plugin is a little expensive for what you would normally pay for a plugin, but your Sermon Player area is something that you want to work and function correctly. It is worth the money to me not have to worry or wonder how this area of your website is working.

The best Sermon Player Plugin for WordPress that I have found can be accessed by using the link below. There are a couple of free options out there too, but even with those you have to pay for support. This option seems to be a step above the rest so it may be worth the extra to get the quality.

Here is what you receive when you purchase the Series Engine WordPress Plugin.

  • Easy and Simple Installation.
  • Add your own Sermon Videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Automatically creates Social Media Sharing Buttons for all of your Sermon content.
  • Looks great on Desktop and Mobile Devices.
  • Blends in easily to any quality WordPress design.
  • Custom embed generator so you can embed your Sermon Player wherever you want on your site.
  • Works with WordPress Widgets.
  • You can have Video or Audio in the player.
  • Simple search functionality so users can search by Series, Title or Topic.
  • Add more media to the sermon like Study Guides, related Websites, and Sermon Notes.
  • Free Updates for Life.

So what are you waiting for? Stop being frustrated hearing people in your church complain about the functionality of your Sermon Player or the absence of one on your church website.

Get what I would consider to be the best Sermon Player WordPress Plugin HERE or at the graphic link below.

Best Sermon Plugin for WordPress

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